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Image credit: teasing Toronto group's 'Call of Duty-inspired' project [update]

Justin McElroy

Some times, some crimes go slipping through the cracks, and when that happens there's one gumshoe we can count on to pick up the slack: Dean (Hon.) Geoff Keighley. The Spike TV personality says he's unearthed the source of the teaser site and it couldn't be further from a Modern Warfare 3 announcement as we and many others assumed.

Keighley says the countdown was created by We Can Pretend, a Toronto-based group that's supposedly working on a Call of Duty-inspired project of some sort. Keighley added "production sources who worked on the self-funded project call it visually spectacular."

We Can Pretend appears to be closely tied to VVO Media, the group that mailed out the mysterious dog tags that got this whole train rolling. On VVO's now-defunct portfolio page, it takes credit for marketing two We Can Pretend-created videos, "Doritos Tablet" and "Wateraid."

As Activision stated previously, the megapublisher doesn't appear to be involived, though we'll hopefully have all the details when the countdown ends on March 2.

Update: The creators of the project sent us a teaser image of the finished product, which we've posted after the jump. If we were the guessing type, we'd say it's a still from a short film. Or an advertisement for super, super untrustworthy riot shields.

Update 2: The project has been revealed.

[Thanks, Morey]

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