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DirecTV app for iPad debuts

Mel Martin

We said it was coming, and DirecTV for iPad has now hit the App Store. The free app is a nice addition to the DirectTV service. The app can be used as a remote, it can schedule DVR recordings, and it has an easily browsable guide for locating your favorite programs and setting preferences for the types of shows you may be interested in. The iPhone has already had a DVR scheduling app from DirecTV.

The remote control part of the app requires a Wi-Fi connection. DVR control can be over Wi-Fi, 3G or the Edge network, if your iPad is so equipped.

Using the app is a pleasure, but I could not load any of the sports features. For some reason the "loading" graphic appeared and spun forever. We've already seen what a great remote the iPad makes for the Sonos audio products, and the DirecTV app follows in that tradition. If you're a US DirecTV subscriber with an iPad, getting this app is a no-brainer. The only thing it's missing is the ability to actually watch DirecTV on it. We're seeing that streaming features begin to appear from cable companies like Comcast. It would be great to see DirecTV offer this as well.

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