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Half-Minute Hero coming to XBLA as 'Super Mega Neo Climax' edition

Hey, Half-Minute Hero is coming to Xbox Live Arcade! Okay, usually we try to ease you into the subject of our posts a little more gently than that, but we assumed that if you were the type of person to be excited by the announcement that Half-Minute Hero was coming to Xbox Live Arcade, you probably have a pretty short attention span. We've probably already lost you, haven't we? You're not reading this at all. Now we have to start dropping aberrant words until we regain your attention. Bombogenesis. Ronkonkoma. Bumbershoot.

Hey, you're back! Yes, according to a listing from the Australian Classification Board, Marvelous Entertainment is bringing Half-Minute Hero to the XBLA platform, complete with a delightful new subtitle: Super Mega Neo Climax. Short attention span or no, we're going to find it difficult to get this one out of our mind until we get more information. Stay tuned!

[Thanks, Perry!]

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