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'Haunted' Majora's Mask story concludes in playable followup


Last September, the curious story of the haunted Majora's Mask cartridge had us captivated. The compelling tale ended up being part of the larger, augmented reality game Within Hubris, which is set to end in a playable continuation of "the Haunted Cartridge" story.

"Players will finally get a chance to fight back against the 'entity' that haunted the protagonist in the original story," author Jadusable told us. "The game itself is not a traditional video game -- instead of being a standalone product, it's used as one of many tools players will have to use together to progress in the story." The playable conclusion is "close" to being released.

The transmedia experience is described as "symbiotic," with players unlocking new content on the website via the game. For example, the game may direct you to a URL with emails that will give you additional clues. "The catch is that, in order to defeat the entity, you have to download the game," said the author. "But if players download the game, they're inviting the entity into their computers just like 'Jadusable,' so expect some rather disturbing, fourth-wall breaking moments."

"I would compare it to Silent Hill 2 in terms of what kind of horror it is," Jadusable teased. Watch the debut teaser after the break.

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