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RIFT adds 31 additional servers for launch


If you thought Trion Worlds was running out of hardware for RIFT after the previous week's onslaught of new realms brought online, think again. In anticipation for tomorrow's official launch, the studio is bringing a whopping 31 additional servers to bear between the North American and European markets.

RIFT's US side is getting 11 new PvE and eight PvP servers, while EU is due for six of each. This brings the grand total to 58 North American and 41 European servers.

While the role-playing realms have repeatedly boasted high queue times since the head start, it's interesting to note that none of these 31 new servers are the RP or PvP-RP ruleset.

You can follow the status of the servers -- including if they're up, how full they are and how many players (if any) are in the queue -- by using Trion's shard status page (also available in German and French varieties).

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