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Super Hero Squad Online fires up closed beta

Get ready, true believers! News has come down the wires today that Gazillion's Super Hero Squad Online has officially headed into closed beta. What this also means is that with this announcement, the open beta for this family-friendly MMO is one step closer. Hopefully, it also means that we'll be seeing some forward momentum on the other (read: more adult) Marvel MMO, which Gazillion has indicated is under development as well.

For those not familiar, Super Hero Squad Online is based on the saturday morning cartoon, The Super Hero Squad Show, which has introduced the Marvel characters to a whole new generation. SHSO will be releasing as a free-to-play game with an optional subscription to unlock more content -- no word on the price point, currently. Another thing of note is that the game will be playable via browser, offering players a fast in to the action without exorbitant pre-downloads. A promotional comic for Super Hero Squad Online is also available at Taco Bell, which gives a bit of story and offers up a code for an "exclusive super-hero" according to Gazillion's release. So, if your kids -- or you -- would like to hero up with Super Hero Squad Online, head over to the official site and get signed up. Excelsior!

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