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Team Meat confirms 3DS development, Super Meat Boy sales approaching 400K


During a postmortem on Super Meat Boy here at GDC 2011, Team Meat's Tommy Refenes spoke at great length about the plight of developing the most punishing game of 2010 -- a long stretch of development Hell that has since seen nearly 400,000 copies sold across Xbox Live Arcade and Steam, he revealed. As part of Microsoft's Game Feast program, as well as several impressive Steam sales, Super Meat Boy was afforded a lot of time in the spotlight, though Refenes also attributed its high Metacritic rating as another catalyst for the rise in popularity.

Later, Edmund McMillen, who participated in the postmortem through a Skype video call, confirmed that Team Meat has procured a 3DS development kit and is currently working on something for the platform. "We dont know if that'll be Meat Boy or something else, but who knows?" McMillen concluded coyly.

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