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UFC on Versus 3 will be in 3D March 3


MMA should get its first 3D broadcast this week, as SportsBusinessDaily reports the UFC on Versus 3 event will be available in 3D. It seems fair to assume availability should match other Versus 3D events like the outdoor hockey game and Cal/Oregon college football so check your provider to see if it's on the schedule (Comcast, Cox, Verizon, Massillon Cable, Blue Ridge and Armstrong are confirmed so far) for March 3. As far as the quality, we're interested to see how the camera placement may be affected and if there's any difference in the out of the ring shots since there's a cage between the viewers and the fighters. Watching the HD broadcast? Versus has announced it will continue its technique of running some between-round ads in a PiP box while the broadcast of fighters coming to the ring continues on the rest of the screen.

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