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Xbox 360 Fancast 203 -- The Soul of Wit


GDC is rolling along this week, which means we had to record the latest X3F as quickly as possible in order to get back to work. Don't worry though, it's still packed with plenty of nutritious news and fortified with yuks. We even managed to track down Dave Hinkle in the field to discuss some Gears of War 3 multiplayer and Batman: Arkham City.

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Hosts: Richard Mitchell (SenseiRAM, @senseiram), Alexander Sliwinski (Sli Xander, @xandersliwinski) and Dave Hinkle (KnifefightYaDad, @davehinkle)

Music: Intro/Outro: "Electromooq" by Uma Floresta

For fans: Xbox 360 Fancast Facebook group; X3F Flab-Off Facebook group

Have a complaint or concern? Send an email to fancast [att] joystiq [dawt] com and we'll try to read it on the show!

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