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Chord Electronics builds a Google boombox you can't buy, but wish you could


Do you find yourself uninspired by the staid and predictable aesthetics of today's boomboxes? Well, if you dig the red, yellow, green, and blue look, the folks at Chord Electronics have delivered a Google-fied custom portable stereo. Chord pimped out its Chordette Carry -- which has Bluetooth connectivity, USB, optical and digital coax inputs, a four input preamp, and a 40W amp -- with a Google-approved-and-ordered paint job. We don't know if the Mountain View version has the exact same innards as the standard Carry or what exactly El Goog plans to do with this little sonic gem, but we do know that it isn't going on sale to the public. Too bad, that Google branding would have given us mad cred on the streets, yo.

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