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RIFT opened!


"So when you take all these new types of things to do and you put them all together, that's when you know -- this is RIFT," Scott Hartsman proclaims in a launch day video for Trion Worlds' MMO.

Although you either already know or are more into macrame than MMORPGs, today is RIFT's official release in North America following last Thursday's head start program for pre-orders. RIFT will be rolling out across the globe in the next few days, with Australia slated for Wednesday, March 2nd, pan-European countries March 3rd, and in the UK March 4th.

To celebrate the launch, the overworked Trion crew put together a special video titled "This is RIFT" that highlights the strong selling points of the game, such as the wardstone system, the dynamic rifts, and the high-level raid content. Check it out after the jump, and if you're stuck at work, we have a terrific launch day roundup to feed the info beast lurking in your belly.

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