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Super Meat Boy 'Ultra Edition' comes to retail in North America this April for $20


During a postmortem on Super Meat Boy, Edmund McMillen, the hairier half of Team Meat, gave GDC attendees a lengthy peek at the box art for a special "ultra edition" of the PC game. "Here's the Walmart box," he told attendees as he gave a Skype video call tour of the North American retail package -- it will be available in other retail stores, not just Walmart, as well as on Amazon.

Later, the @SuperMeatBoy Twitter account provided an image of the boxart (hop over the chainsaws and past the break to see it in full), a much more crisp and higher-res version of the boxart than seen in McMillen's video call. In following up with McMillen, we were able to secure additional details: it'll launch in April for $20; it includes a 40-page booklet including never-before-seen art, behind-the-scenes info and an extended version of Team Meat's comics, with new pages; the soundtrack and additional audio samples; and a mini-poster of that disturbing Super Meat Boy fan art seen last year. You know, in case you have a room that you need to make sure nobody ever sleeps in. Ever.

Hop past the break (mind the chainsaws!) to check out the "Ultra Edition" boxart.

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