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THQ planning North Korean protest to promote Homefront


Surprised? Yeah, we're not either. Turns out that THQ is once again planning a North Korean-themed event , though this time it's GDC that the publisher is invading. As reported by the SF Weekly, anti-North Korean protesters (read: hired actors) will be marching across the Golden Gate bridge, through the streets of SF, and ending across the street from GDC at Yerba Buena Gardens. And as you likely inferred from the headline above, the protest is staged in promotion of the company's next game, Homefront.

This time around, the spectacle intends on decrying "North Korea's human rights violations," and apparently features "speeches by global experts, musical performances, and the launch of 10,000 balloons." We're not sure what the balloons have to do with the forthcoming launch of Homefront, but we're all about decrying human rights violations. So, um, score?

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