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3DS Virtual Console getting Game Gear and TurboGraphx-16 games, coming late May

In addition to select, hand-picked Game Boy and Game Boy Color classics, the 3DS's Virtual Console will also play host to titles from two slightly surprising sources: The Sega Game Gear and TurboGraphx-16 handhelds. No specific entries from the two devices were named during Reggie Fils-Aime's presentation at Nintendo's GDC keynote today -- though we've got our fingers crossed for the speedy arrival of Sonic Chaos.

Fils-Aime also confirmed the late May arrival of the Virtual Console via a system update, which wiill also introduce a handful of the device's other online features, including: DSiWare (and the ability to transfer DSiWare games from a DSi or DSi XL), the web browser and eShop. It's likely to be the same update that will add Netflix and some 3D video features, too.

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