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GDC 2011: Allods Online backs off on death penalties

Big news from our GDC 2011 team! gPotato has confirmed that it is working furiously toward finally launching Allods Online out of the perpetual beta state that so many free-to-play games seem to be stuck in. It's due to fully launch at some point this spring. However, that's not all. Apparently, the devs have been listening to the community's ongoing complaints about the death penalties and are taking a major step: They're making holy charms completely free in the cash shop, as of just a little while ago. Furthermore, the word is that the change is going to be permanent!

While this only affects the gPotato version of the game, we're certain the community will find this an incredibly welcome change. The idea of having to purchase items from the cash shop to defray the costs of death has never sat particularly well with Western gamers. Allods Online may be a highly polished and fun free-to-play game, but when any game nudges you to spend money just to remove curses applied as a result of your inevitable in-game death, it quickly loses its charm. Whether or not we'll see any additional items drop in price before launch, we don't know. Still, this is a great day for Allods Online players -- as well as for those who wanted to play the game but left because the "death penalty=cash shop purchase" concept was distasteful.

Look for more from our talk with gPotato at GDC 2011 soon!

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