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Vindictus welcomes back vets with Lucky Leaf update

Jef Reahard

It doesn't seem all that long ago that Nexon's Vindictus officially launched in North America. The free-to-play hack-and-slash game opened its doors on October 27th, but judging by a new Nexon promotion, four months is time enough for players to leave (and return) to the title.

Vindictus' version 1.22 update is titled Lucky Leaf and features a bevy of new cash shop items related to avatar customization (specifically facial tatoos and new hairstyles). The game's official website also notes a couple of bug fixes relating to storage chests and graphics optimization.

Finally, the game's Returning Veteran Event will run from March 2nd through March 22nd and feature a 50% XP bonus for recently returned mercenaries (and their partymates), as well as gift packages containing potions, platinum tokens, XP capsules, and a storage chest coupon.

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