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Breakfast Topic: Has Deathwing caught up with you yet?


This Breakfast Topic has been brought to you by Seed, the Aol guest writer program that brings your words to WoW Insider's pages.

It's just another day of questing for this frost mage, flying all over Twilight Highlands to get Fading into Twilight. Then suddenly, out of nowhere, my dead crumpled body is falling to the ground. I'm too high for someone to one-shot me, right? Confusion abounds. There's fire all around me, and I can't see a darn thing. Then the little achievement box pops up: Great, Deathwing struck. My guildmates feverishly ask me where I was in the hopes they can quickly fly over.

Another day, another dollar -- this one being earned in Uldum. As I'm following Indi -- er, Harrison Jones all over the endless rolling sand dunes and speaking to cat people who somehow speak Common after being secluded for eons, I meet my newest archnemesis again. I actually see him coming this time, lurking in the distance, attempting to creep his behemoth body up behind me. There's no achievement this time, just a dead body amongst the flames.

All right, Deathwing, you've destroyed my homeland and you've killed me twice; I'm throwing down my gaunt -- cloth gloves! This is war.

Where were you when Deathwing struck? Has he gotten you more than once? Perhaps you feel, as I do, that there should be an achievement each time he strikes you down.

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