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PS3 stats: Over 41 million consoles sold, PSN revenue up 70 percent in 2010 [update: it's actually 47.9 million]


Update: After contacting Sony to confirm the figures, a representative told us that the figure presented in the slide above was incorrect. Through the end of 2010, Sony actually sold 47.9 million PS3 consoles.

Original post: During the PlayStation Network Analysis panel at GDC, SCEA digital distribution manager Pierre Gravereau provided some platform stats to attendees, revealing worldwide sales of over 41.6 million PS3 consoles. More than 80 percent of consoles are connected to the internet and have spawned 70 million PSN accounts.

Gravereau boasted about the success of PSN in 2010, saying traffic to the PlayStation Store increased by 60 percent compared to the previous year and Sony subsequently saw a 70 percent spike in revenue. Even without exact hard figures, it's quite a dramatic uptick.

Now, we're no bussinessologists, but if you ask us (you asked, right?), we'd have to attribute Sony's success in 2010 to one thing: KB.

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