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GamersFirst looking to expand APB Reloaded closed beta

Jef Reahard

Things are ramping up in APB-land, and it's not just because GamersFirst has released its second dev blog of the week (as opposed to its traditional one-entry-per-week modus operandi over the past few months).

Bjorn Book-Larsson writes that another 2500 souls have been admitted into the ongoing closed beta test, and thus far the GamersFirst hardware is holding its own under the new player onslaught. The beta test was approaching 1000 concurrent users as of Thursday afternoon, and though a few server restarts were required, the engineers have since nailed down a stable configuration that seems to be lag-free (aside from distance-related issues).

Book-Larsson says that if all goes as planned, Friday evening will see another batch of invites, so keep an eye on your inboxes if you're itching to get back to San Paro. While you're waiting, check out our exclusive APB Reloaded GDC coverage or the recently released Vehicle Showcase video here or behind the cut.

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