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Phat Loot Phriday: Very Manly Staff


Throgg's ears perked, flicking back and forth almost like a curious dog. The canine impression was enhanced by the way the orc cocked his head to the side. "What is that, Lolegolas?"

The thing in the blood elf's hands was ridiculously huge, with spikes jutting from its head. "This is the Very Manly Staff."

"I can see that," Throgg replied. "But, uh, you can't use it." "I know," Lolegolas said. "Caster weapon. But, still, it's goes absolutely wonderfully with my stuff, don't you think? Maybe I can just kind of ... saunter ... around Silvermoon with it. Show it off."

"Or you could get a real weapon," Throgg countered.

"Yes, but it wouldn't be so damned manly. This staff is clearly longer and manlier than your average staff."

"This means you're no longer allowed to say one word about my gun, you know that, right?"

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