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Japanese hardware sales, Feb. 21 - Feb. 27: The New Kid edition

Alright, class -- class! Put away those chattering teeth, stink bombs and other adolescent hijinx-causing accessories. We have a new student today, and we all want you to show him the warmest welcome you're capable of conjuring. His name is "The 3DS," and while he's a great deal younger than the rest of you, and looks a little off, we still want you to -- Mr. PlayStation Portable! What are you doing? You put that spitball-firing apparatus away right this second, young man!

Fine, it's clear you hooligans are going to pick on the new kid no matter what your astute pedagogues tell you -- so maybe this warning will inspire some good behavior: If we added the rest of you up, we wouldn't equal a third of what the 3DS sold in its launch week. Maybe that little figure will keep you from playing a rowdy game of "break off the 3D adjustment slider" during recess, huh?

- 3DS: 374,764 [NEW!]
- PSP: 47,955 [DOWN] 13,375 (24.28%)
- PS3: 23,654 [DOWN] 1,588 (6.29%)
- Wii: 12,159 [DOWN] 62 (0.51%)
- DSi LL: 9,093 [DOWN] 944 (9.41%)
- DSi: 7,802 [DOWN] 220 (2.74%)
- Xbox 360: 3,366 [UP] 1,183 (54.19%)
- PS2: 1,773 [DOWN] 90 (4.83%)
- PSP Go: 1,076 [DOWN] 1,411 (56.74%)
- DS Lite: 663 [DOWN] 310 (31.86%)

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