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Cubic Ninja promoted in appropriately shallow manner


In what we're guessing is a clumsy, hamfisted attempt to demonstrate the game's universal appeal, AQ Interactive posted a clip of women playing the depth-free 3DS title Cubic Ninja. We suppose the video is pretty depth-free too.

In addition to footage of the ladies being delighted by the tilt-controlled action game, and, uh, some guys looming over them, you can see a few seconds of gameplay from the stylish, geometric game, during which the ninja is guided through flame traps and bumpers.

Cubic Ninja showed up as an upcoming North American release in the software lineup video released at Nintendo's New York event in January, though listed publisher Ubisoft hasn't made any announcements itself. However, we have no reason to believe Ubisoft would hesitate to release another 3DS game after the eight it has planned for the launch window.

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