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Fiesta Online reveals the Trickster


"The Trickster is here!" the brand-new trailer for Fiesta Online proclaims. Affectionately known as "Trixie," this class has had players wondering what Outspark had planned for the New Heroes of Isya patch.

While the trailer doesn't cover much territory, the main feature of the class is highlighted: dual-wielding. Trixie is shown with a pair of nasty-looking dual claws, although the video promises that dual blades is also a lethal option. The Trickster can specialize as either a Renegade or Reaper, and Outspark has said that the class deals damage in a freaky new way.

You can get a glimpse of Fiesta Online's Trickster after the jump, and don't miss out on our interview with Outspark about this upcoming patch!

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