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iPad 2 line has formed in Texas


A tent has appeared outside of a Texas Apple Store, and it's believed to belong to the first person line for an iPad 2. That, or deforestation is taking its toll on area Boy Scout troops.

At right is a shot of the tent on McKinney Avenue in Dallas, which is serving as a temporary location for the Knox Street Apple Store while it's being renovated.

Who's in the tent? It's been suggested that it's Justin Wagoner, who was also the first to line up for the iPhone 4 in Texas. It sure looks like the same tent to us. Of course, it's quite possible that, in some zany scheme to turn a profit, the tent manufacturer produced more than one grey-and-white model of that size and shape.

iPad 2 sales will differ from the original iPad launch, as pre-orders are unavailable. That means, if you want to get an iPad 2 in person on Friday, you must first wait in line. See you then!

[Via The Mac Observer]

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