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Motorola Charm and Flipout follow CLIQ XT's lead, get stuck in the past

Chris Ziegler

Look: we've seen enough Honeycomb ports to the G1 to know that even the jankiest Android hardware can be kept current -- manufacturers just need to want to do it badly enough. In Motorola's case, it seems they don't want it very badly -- at least, not in the case of the quirky Flipout and Charm. Just as the CLIQ XT got stuck on 1.5, the two diminutive QWERTY models are going to be topping out with the Android 2.1 that they've got now; Froyo upgrades aren't in the works, according to Moto's official software update page. We're sure that the decision whether to invest the time, energy, and money into an update for a particular model comes down to the number of customers affected; neither of these devices seem to be blockbusters for their respective carriers, so that could explain it. Not much consolation to owners, though, is it?

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