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Sensor-laden surfboard collects gnarly statistics, finally quantifies 'tubular, dude!'

Darren Murph

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Oh, sure -- it ain't the first time an array of data-collecting sensors have found their way into a surfboard, but the goal with this one is quite different than the one crafted last year at UC San Diego. Tecnalia and Pukas have cooperated in order to build a board with a downright astounding amount of sensors within: there's an embedded PC, gyroscopes, accelerometers, a compass and even GPS, all of which combine to generate a ridiculous amount of data from a ride and its rider. Every ounce of the collected information is stored in a flash memory stick, and after a session is wrapped, all of those bits and bytes are beamed over WiFi to a more potent computer for analysis. The software system to visualize and process the data has been developed in ROS, and with that, researchers can not only judge performance, but also see which techniques were superior. There's a video of the board in action just past the break, but sadly, no pre-order page has emerged just yet. Hint, hint.

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