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The Daily Grind: Is dynamic content the wave of the future?


With the recent launch of RIFT fresh in our minds, one of the key aspects of the game -- the dynamic rifts and invasions -- has a lot of people talking. For some, it's a breath of fresh air to encounter a virtual world that challenges the status (static?) quo by changing the landscape as mobs erupt onto the scene, fight common enemies, and charge into the local towns with the intent of conquering it all.

Guild Wars 2 is also holding high the torch of dynamic content with its shifting "events" that will change the game world depending on players' actions or inactions. Players seem intrigued by content that responds to their decisions rather than standing in place and expecting imaginations to fill in the gap.

So do you think that dynamic content is the wave of the future for MMOs? Should we expect to see more games develop systems that mold, manipulate and morph the game world around us, or is this just an experiment that will ultimately fall apart?

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