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New F2P fantasy MMO DragonSoul announced

Jef Reahard

While many of you are no doubt playing a certain dragon-themed BioWare title that hit American shores today, the MMORPG world is being graced with a new dragon-centric title of its own in the form of Neonga AG's just-announced DragonSoul.

DragonSoul is a free-to-play fantasy title sporting a political system that is "a main feature of the game" according to a Neonga press release. Players can choose to side with one of eight unique kingdoms, cast votes to determine a ruler, and take the field of battle in said ruler's name. DragonSoul isn't entirely about PvP, though, as the title also boasts various non-combat activities including "the cultivation of crops, the mining of resources, the upbringing of pets, and a versatile crafting and upgrade system."

Interested players may register for the closed beta test at the game's official website and prepare for DragonSoul's open beta which is currently schedule for the second quarter of 2011.

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