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No Comment: Viewsonic ViewPad 10 press image shows a familiar OS


Good work, Viewsonic; you're now shipping the dual-boot 10" ViewPad tablet that features both Windows 7 and Android as OS choices. We at TUAW wish you every success with the product.

You may, however, want to consider having a stern chat with the design team that's working on product photography. As pointed out by Erik Schwiebert, the "ViewPad 10 Front Hand" image you're sharing with press seems to have fallen through a dimensional portal. How else to explain the fact that it's running PowerPoint for Mac?

Sad to say, but just because a tablet is dual-boot that doesn't mean it will run Mac OS X -- at least, not without a lot of extra help. Nothing like a classic Photoshop foul to merit our Shrove Tuesday honorable mention for No Comment.

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