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ArenaNet blog details new Guild Wars 2 crafting information

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

As much as longtime Guild Wars fans love the game, there are a few MMO standards that players lament the lack of. No, we're not talking about jumping -- we mean that Guild Wars doesn't have much of a crafting system at all. While that fits with the streamlined approach to MMO gaming that ArenaNet took for GW, things in Guild Wars 2 are on a much grander scale. This means, among many other things, an extensive crafting system.

Guild Wars 2 game designer Andrew McLeod delivered the scoop on the crafting system this morning in the form of a new post on the ArenaNet blog. From Andrew's explanation, the crafting system seems to have a foundation in the current sytems -- for example, players can obtain crafting materials by purchasing salvage kits from merchants and salvaging unwanted loot and items. However, the new system will be much more intricate and hands-on than just delivering the raw materials to an armor crafter and plunking down some platinum.

Players can use the raw materials they've gathered, looted, or salvaged to craft jewelry, weapons, every class of armor, upgrades, even food that provides temporary buffs. Having trouble deciding on a crafting focus? Don't worry, you'll be allowed two disciplines.

All the new information is available on the ArenaNet blog, and check out our gallery below for the new images, including two of the crafting UI!

Gallery: Guild Wars 2 crafting system | 6 Photos

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