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Check out APB: Reloaded with our closed beta key giveaway! [Updated]

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

Are you ready to see San Paro for yourself? The APB:Reloaded closed beta test is proceeding, the fixes are coming quickly, and GamersFirst is handing out more beta keys.

More to the point, GamersFirst has given us 100 keys to hand out to our readers! Simply visit our beta key giveaway page to pick up your key, then sign up for a GamersFirst account or log in to your existing one. From there, enter your key on the beta application page and follow the instructions.

Best of luck!

[Update: GamersFirst has clarified that these keys are not closed beta keys but rather "keys to enter beta on the next wave which is coming here very, very, very soon." We ran out of the keys in less than two minutes (you guys are fast!) and GamersFirst has promised us another batch, so stay tuned!]

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