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EightBit goes HTML5 for SXSW

Chris Ward

Sure, Foursquare is fun if you like that sort of thing (me, I'm too embarrassed to show my friends that I barely leave the house, let alone reveal to them where I go when I do drag myself out of my pit). But really, what you want to have is not just more fun than Foursquare offers -- you want twice as much fun. Right? And not just a cool badge or something but Cash, cold hard cash for playing the game. Right?

So enter EightBit, the all-new location-based game that's going to take the mobile HTML5-space by storm just in time for SXSW. Like Foursquare it's a location-based check-in app, but instead of getting mere badges and mayorships you can win coins which, right now, just let you keep score. But eventually you'll be able to buy virtual goods in the game, and buy more coins using micro-payments.

The company has planned a virtual scavenger hunt for five NES-style game cartridges (8-bit - geddit?) to coincide with SXSW in (virtual) Austin starting this weekend. Play the game, create an avatar, check in and you could win a 250 GB hard disc.

[via TechCrunch]

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