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Limbo, Trials HD and Splosion Man coming to retail in XBLA triple pack [Update: It's coming on April 19!]


Three of Xbox Live Arcade's most lauded games are getting bundled together in one retail package, it seems. Twisted Pixel CEO and co-founder, Michael Wilford, revealed this Amazon listing on Twitter today, commenting that a bundle of Limbo, Trials HD and Splosion Man was initially only headed to Japan and now will be available in North America, as well.

The Amazon listing suggests a $29.99 price point, which seems a little low -- Limbo is normally $15, while the other two are $10 -- so we've followed up with Microsoft for confirmation and an expected launch date. We'll let you know what we find out.

Update: A Microsoft representative has confirmed with Joystiq that the $29.99 price is accurate and that the bundle will be available for purchase on April 19 either through online retailers or on store shelves here in the US. It'll also come with a 48-hour Xbox Live Gold trial and 160 MS Points.

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