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Networking firm attempts 1000-player FPS battle

Jef Reahard

Huge multiplayer battles are the goal of a large percentage of the online games released every year. Whether they're making an MMO, an FPS, an RTS, or some weird and highly experimental hybrid, game developers love to stuff players onto their servers in a neverending competition for the biggest numbers.

Pikkotech, a networking technology firm, is aiming for what it says is the world record for the number of players in a single multiplayer battle: 1000. Pikkotekk consulted with CCP, the noted developer of EVE Online and a pioneer in the field of single-shard massively multiplayer technology, and has created a server backend that works in a manner similar to the tech used by overlapping cell phone towers.

The firm has thrown together a tanks vs. robots video demonstration complete with a humorous disclaimer. "We were so excited about our revolutionary network technology that we wanted a game that had it all [...] But our CEO said that Pikkotekk is a company that only does networking for games. So here you go: A crappy looking 1000-player shooter that you can play in the browser."

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