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Print real Instagram photos with Instaprint


Some of us here at TUAW are real fans of Instagram, which is a fun and easy to use free app that takes photos with your iPhone camera, then gives you the option to add various effects, frames, and filters to those photos before sending them out to your favorite social network. Others deride Instagram for being the "auto-tune of iPhone photography," but I've found it to be a fast and fun way to send out quick snapshots of daily life.

Back in the dinosaur days of the 60's and 70's, Polaroid instant cameras were the way to get quick, easily viewable snapshots. Now advertising renegades Breakfast have come up with a way to mash Polaroid snapshots with Instagram -- Instaprint!

That box you see up above is a modified Zink photo printer that prints Instagram photos that are marked with a specific hashtag. Breakfast will set up Instaprint at parties (they're busy during SXSW), meetings, you name it. During testing, any photo sent from Instagram to #Instaprint is being printed live on the air.

An explanatory video is on the next page.

[via MacStories]

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