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Roxio's Toast 11 offers improved import, iLife browsing, more

Chris Ward

Everyone's favorite media toolkit, CD- DVD- and (heretical) Blu-Ray burner and breakfast food (apart from porridge) has turned the volume knob up to 11 with the latest version of Roxio's Toast.

The update aims to allow you to take more or less any piece of media in any format and transform it to use on almost any device anywhere you like. Toast 11 has been re-designed from the ground up with a new interface which, say Roxio, "we believe users will find modern and intuitive."

There's a new tutorials section with videos and step-by-step PDFs to guide you through Toast's sometimes impenetrable interface, new presets for producing video in a suitable format to watch on your iPhone, among other devices, and 'Videoboost' to speed up H.264 video conversion.

"Toast 11 adds many requested features such as recording to multiple drives simultaneously, a streamlined product update mechanism, and the ability to save custom video profiles, which is very useful for those that are often converting video for a particular device," says Roxio. "The latest version now also offers built-in features for directly uploading media to social networking sites such as YouTube, Vimeo or Facebook."

Other new features include the ability to capture, save, and convert Web-based video content, disc spanning, one-click backup of HD camcorder footage and TiVo-to-Go support.

[via MacUpdate]

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