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Crysis 2 vs. Crysis 2: PC and Xbox visuals compared


Being the sequel to the game that famously brought even the most powerful PC gaming rigs to their knees, you'd expect Crysis 2 to be, how should we say, significantly streamlined for its release on Xbox 360 and PS3. Aw heck, we'll just say it -- how could the console versions even hold a candle to the PC? As evidenced by the video after the break, the 360 does a fine job of keeping up, at least in multiplayer.

In the split-screen footage, it's clear that the PC version sports higher-resolution textures, some higher-detail models and different (one might say improved) lighting. Other than that, though, the two appear fairly close to the untrained eye. Of course, this is multiplayer, so both versions are less fancy in order to keep the framerate up, but this should at least make for some good anecdotal evidence for console players afraid they're missing out big-time by not having a $3,000 PC.

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