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PS3 firmware 3.60 is live with cloud saves ... oh, and hacker suggests PS3 is 're-secured'

In addition to its ongoing courtroom campaign to thwart hackers, Sony hasn't given up trying to patch its PlayStation 3 problems with another (everybody now!) firmware update! This time, it's not just a security update: For the PlayStation Plus subscribers out there, firmware 3.60 includes the nifty cloud-based save service (demoed on video after the break) while non PS+ users can enjoy setting "the amount of time before a controller turns off after you have stopped using it."

As for those glaring security holes? Noted PS3 hacker Youness Alaoui (aka KaKaRoToKS) posits, "For now, it looks to me (at first glance) that the PS3 has been re-secured, but it doesn't mean it can't be broken again from scratch." DigitalFoundry explains that while Geohot's reveal of the "mtldr" key irrevocably broke the PS3's "chain of trust," Sony's solution effortlessly sidesteps this seemingly insurmountable breach: "According to Alaoui's quick analysis, Sony simply doesn't use mtldr any more, opting for a new security system that could possibly require a completely new exploit to be uncovered."

Even money says someone somewhere will uncover that exploit, but for now, it sounds like Sony can breathe a sigh of relief.

[Thanks for the vid, Johnra (and everyone else that sent this in!)]

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