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Uncharted Waters Online patch revamps naval PvP, adds new area

Jef Reahard

What's new in the world of Uncharted Waters Online? Quite a lot, as it turns out. Tecmo Koei Games released the Angkor update on March 9th, bringing a large new explorable region, revamped naval battle mechanics, and the World Tour Challenge to UWO.

The Southeast Asian region features the ruins of Angkor Wat as well as new quests and various towns and villages to visit. UWO's updated naval battle system now boasts 10v10 PvP skirmishes that can last as long as a week, and players are encouraged to bring their best crew and equipment in order to claim the new rewards. Finally, the update has opened the South Pacific, allowing players to sail around the entire game world via the World Tour Challenge (which also features a number of quirky side quests, according to a press release detailing the patch).

Head to the official Uncharted Waters Online website for more details, and check out five new screenshots in our gallery below.

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