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Wakfu's beta delayed in North America, potentially for Rogue activity

Eliot Lefebvre

Wakfu has captured more than a few eyes of late, and for understandable reason. The game features distinctive and detailed sprite graphics, a tactical battle system, and a world that reacts to your actions. Details have just been released on the game's explosive and underhanded Rogue class, specializing in disrupting enemies with a variety of elemental bomb spells while avoiding damage with quick movement.

Unfortunately for players looking forward to the game's beta, it might be a bit further away than it seemed, at least in North America. The international open beta was previously announced to be starting on April 27th, but word has been released that details on open beta in North America will be announced on a later date. While the game is set for a worldwide simultaneous release, if you're here in the US, you might have to wait just a little longer to get your Wakfu on. Fortunately, some brand-new screenshots -- including a couple of roguish ones -- should help ease the pain a little.

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