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BioShock Infinite panel at PAX East offers a taste of rail-based gameplay


During Irrational Games' big daddy of a BioShock Infinite panel at PAX East, Levine and co. showed off a handful of concept shots of early Columbia -- the game's main locale -- as well as some early concept footage of the game's sky rails. Though very little of the concept shots/video will make it into the final product, we were, frankly, rather excited to see a bit more of Infinite.

The (admittedly) shaky video after the break depicts the game's proof of concept for the rail transportation system -- holding onto a transportation railing and firing at murderous enemies below, in this particular case. We've also dropped a handful of shots that either directly inspired Infinite or directly contributed to the game's current art style (from Irrational's art team). Also, the game's basest concept can be seen above in the header image. Yes, it's wonderful.

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