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Chiptune festival bleepin' and bloopin' at PAX East


Boston8Bit has teamed up with Magfest to bring three days of chiptune concerts to this year's PAX East. Notable chiptune artists (Animal Style and The Engadget Show's own Zen Albatross, among others) will be performing daily in PAX's "Jamspace" area daily from 11AM until 2PM EST -- we've been told the space is not full of jam, despite previous reports to the contrary.

Interested parties should head to the event-within-an-event's Facebook page to confirm attendance, or simply to find additional information. The entire list of performances broken down by day can be found after the break.

Friday, 3/11

  • Cathode Rays
  • Oxygenstar
  • Active Knowledge
  • Animal Style
  • Bit Shifter
Saturday, 3/12
  • AdamGetsAwesome
  • Zen Albatross
  • Danimal Cannon
  • Br1ght Pr1mate
  • Smiletron
Sunday, 3/13
  • 7th Gear
  • Facundo
  • The Shortsleeves
  • Disasterpeace
  • glomag and Corset lore

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