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Gamestop to stop buying GBA systems and games in April

If you've been waiting to snag that copy of Final Fantasy VI Advance from your local Gamestop until its price gets cut, you might want to stop putting off your purchase, as that price is about to go down from $22.99 to "We don't have any copies anymore." According to a number of our tipsters and a handful of retail locations, the store is set to stop accepting Game Boy Advance games and systems as soon as April 2.

As Gamestop doesn't really get new copies of Game Boy Advance games in anymore, it seems this measure is the first step in phasing out the handheld. We've got our fingers crossed that this new policy will come with a fire sale on some of our favorite GBA titles, which we've lost while sailing the unforgiving seas of time. By which, of course, we mean we left them in our jeans, and sent them through the washing machine.

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