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VocaLive, iRig Mic, iPhone conspire to create vocal talent where none exists

Chris Ziegler

When you think about it, an iPhone-based rig that lets anyone carry a decent vocal effects rig around in their pocket sounds like a recipe for disaster. Just look at that gentleman in the promotional image above, for example: for all we know, he sounds like one of the week one American Idol rejects -- but thanks to the miracles of modern technology and around $80 in spending cash, he fancies himself the next Clay Aiken. Ah, well, no use trying to stop this train. A new $20 app called VocaLive (there's also a free version available) from IK Multimedia includes 12 real-time effects that can be chained up to three at a time, along with a recorder that can run up to four tracks for an extra fee. You can use the iPhone's built-in mic or a handsfree if you like -- but for "best" results, you can pre-order the company's $59.99 iRig Mic that was announced back in January, which plugs into the phone's headset jack and features a second connector for real-time monitoring. Either way, your friends and family are sure to quickly regret it.

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