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Hulu for Android coming soon, destined for 'select' phones with Android 2.2?

Sean Hollister

Since the dawn of Flash on Android -- yes, that was just ten months ago -- Google smartphone users been largely unable to access their favorite Hulu programs on the go. At CES 2011, we heard that Hulu would indeed come to Android, but not when or where. Today, we're a step closer to the answer. An eagle-eyed Engadget reader spotted this image at the company's website, depicting a most unusual combo: an image of a Samsung Nexus S (which comes with Android 2.3) and a suggestion that Hulu Plus will soon be available on a subset of devices running Android 2.2. We can't say which devices quite yet, but we've heard this tune before, and suspect Hulu will only run on phones that have DRM baked into their hardware. Now how about that Google TV?

[Thanks, Raymond D.]

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