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iPad 2 already installed in Ford F-150 truck


It's been a while since we've seen an iDevice embedded in a vehicle, but the wait was worth it -- the guys at SoundMan Car Audio have placed a brand new iPad 2 in the dashboard of a new Ford truck, and it's pretty glorious. You can see the whole process after the break -- they set up the dashboard first, and then after bringing home the iPad itself, slide it in and install the whole thing.

It's pretty groovy. They can browse Maps, of course, do a FaceTime call (one hopes that they don't try it in motion), and even run Pandora straight from the iPad. There's a dock connector hooked up to the car for charging while driving, and while it doesn't seem like they have audio connected, that seems easy enough to do as well (you could go through the dock connector or just use the headphone jack out).

If you want them to do the same thing to your car, the YouTube page says it would run about $800-$900 to push the dashboard mod in (which doesn't include the iPad 2 itself). So, it's not cheap, but having a place to store and use your iPad in the car like that just might be worth it.

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