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MIT's Junkyard Jumbotron turns your motley collection of devices into one large display (video)


Got a handful of mobile devices layin' 'round when what you actually need is one large display? The kids at the MIT Center for Future Civic Media got you covered! The Junkyard Jumbotron, designed by Rick Borovoy, Ph.D. and Brian Knep, is an ingenious project that makes stretching an image across damn near any collection of displays with web browsers. When you assemble the displays (such as in the picture above), the Junkyard Jumbotron website will ask you to point them all to the same URL. This will cause each device to load the same QR code, which -- once you snap a digital pic and email it to the project -- will allow it to calibrate and stretch a JPEG across your assemblage. It certainly does look like something scrounged up at a junkyard, doesn't it? Well, sometimes that's part of the fun. Hit the source link to try it for yourself. Video after the break.

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