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Smuggle Truck adds 'Legal Immigration' mode


Owlchemy Labs' Smuggle Truck has added a "Legal Immigration" mode in response to critic's knee-jerk reactions to the satirical game. Developer Alex Schwartz showed us a placeholder screen at PAX East, but told us that Owlchemy had an actual screen they would be adding shortly, he sent us the new screen (pictured above) today.

The Legal Immigration mode can be accessed through the game's main menu and is a screen with a 20 year countdown. Why 20 years? "Well that's the greater than 10 years it takes for someone to obtain a green card," Schwartz guesstimated. "Plus the multiple occurrences of 'lost paperwork' that are bound to happen during the process."

Owlchemy has a FAQ on its site about the game's themes and the studio's decision to produce a title on the topic of illegal immigration. Smuggle Truck will be submitted shortly to Apple and is expected to be available on the iOS App Store in April.

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