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Roxio Game Capture introduces new video capture options for consoles and PC


For gaming enthusiasts looking to capture direct-feed gameplay, there aren't many solutions out there, let alone affordable ones. Roxio has announced a $99 device for console gameplay video capture and a $49.99 software package for Windows PC video capture. The former handles resolutions up to 480p, while the PC option can capture "in HD at full screen resolutions." Oddly enough, the console capture device only lists Xbox 360 and PS3 compatibility, though the Wii does 480p just fine.

Both Game Capture releases feature a full software suite for editing videos, with swipes, fades, fonts and all of the other bells and whistles most would expect. There's also functionality that allows users to directly export their edited videos to YouTube.

The console capture kit will be on sale for $99.99 on March 24, while the PC capture software suite will retail for $49.99 and is slated for a Q2 launch.

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