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GamersFirst hands out over 10,000 APB Reloaded closed beta invites

Jef Reahard

It's Christmas in March for a lot of former San Paro citizens rendered homeless by the demise of their favorite MMO. Yes, GamersFirst has cracked open the APB Reloaded beta door a bit further as of Tuesday afternoon according to a post on the free-to-play developer's official forums.

"Today is your lucky day," reads the short message. "We're sending out 10,000 plus invites. Check your email (don't forget the spam box)."

GamersFirst has been slowly but steadily ramping up the media assault for its reborn open-world shooter, and whether you're looking for videos, exclusive interviews, or beta key giveaways, Massively's got your back as you look to make the streets of San Paro your personal playground.

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